8 Unique and Interesting Wood Floor Patterns

If you’re interested in installing hardwood floors in your home, then you already know about the many benefits of beautiful hardwood floors. Not only does it help you enjoy your space more by bringing a warm and classy feel to it, but they can also bring your financial benefits when it comes time to sell the house. However, there are countless hardwood options to choose from, between the many colorful species of wood and numerous shades of finish, there are plenty of combinations to make your floor unique. If you’re someone who really wants a unique floor, there is also the option of creating a beautiful floor pattern with the lay and structure of the wood in the floor.

At Artisan Wood Floors, we’re totally focused on hardwood flooring, we don’t spread ourselves thin with other types of flooring. We love wood floors, that’s why we enjoy creative floor patterns. As Philadelphia’s hardwood flooring experts, we’ll give you a few examples of interesting wood floor patterns that might give you a few ideas for what you’d want in your own home.



A herringbone pattern is made up of a woven type look with distinct ‘V’ shapes. It can look great with recycled or salvaged wood. This is because it brings a sense of style to the rustic look of upcycled wood. If you’re interested in a pattern like this you’ll want to stain it in a uniform color to keep it understated, while still being interesting. For a louder look, you would stain each pattern with different colors or use different colored wood.



In some situations,wood can be dyed in various colors to create a marble pattern. It’s often done with vivid colors like light pink or green to create an artistic look that brings out the patterns of the natural growth rings in the wood.

Marbled Wood Floor from Snedker Studio of Denmark; image via Designmilk.com



A mosaic pattern is made up of a number of small separated pieces of material to create a larger design. When it comes to flooring, mosaics can be made using wood combined with other materials like tile or stone. The effect can be very artistic and creative, whether it’s going in the entryway of a home or in a palace like a commercial lobby.

Mosaic Wood Floor Tiles from Luxurywoodflooring.com



A puzzle pattern can be made with the lay of the wood. It’s similar to the process of creating a herringbone pattern, except the pieces interlock in a blockier shape, rather than the woven “V” pattern that makes herringbone distinct.


3D Parquet

Parquet can also be made to form patterns even more unique than herringbone or puzzle. A 3-dimensional shape can be made using a mixture of light wood to create one face of the shape and dark wood to create the illusion of shading. This pattern can add a lot of fun to a space.



A medallion pattern can be made custom to fit a floor. It’s created in a similar way to 3D parquet with a mixture of light and dark woods. It adds a very distinctive element to a room that will elevate the space.



As the name suggests, this pattern can be made by laying wood of different species or color to create a pattern that mimics that of cobblestones. This is a unique floor that can still be understated and fit in a home.

Cobblewood floors. Imge via: legendaryfloors.wordpress.com

Whiskey Barrel

A whiskey barrel floor isn’t placed in a particular pattern, but rather made from recycled whiskey barrels. Not only do many of the boards bear their markings from the distillery, but they can still carry a hint of the fragrance as well.

Whiskey Barrel Floors via cochranslumber.com

We hope you enjoyed this short look at some unique floor patterns as much as we did and got some more ideas about the style of floor you want for your space. When you know what type of floor you are interested in, look to Artisan Wood Floors for hardwood floor expertise in Philadelphia and beyond! Call (215) 515-7355 and ask for Steve!


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