How To Remodel On A Budget

In order to achieve a great remodel for cheap, It is important to know where you can skimp in price, and on what parts of a remodel are worth the money. Many people will spend a fortune on a new couch, just to find that the wood floor beneath it needs a costly upgrade – or they will splurge on their new artisan kitchen backsplash tiles, but will lack the correct lighting to even see them shine.

When remodeling on a budget, knowing where to splurge and where to save will make all the difference.


NJ Kitchen Remodeling Cost

When remodeling a kitchen, it is so fun to see the outdated transform into the updated and beautiful! In the case of kitchens, finding a good contractor or interior designer is usually the way to go for most homeowners.

To find the price of your desired remodel, you should discuss all details and develop a grand plan for a new kitchen remodeling cost that fits within your budget. 

Take your time to go through kitchen showrooms, and get the help of your contractor to pick the cabinets, countertops, hardware, and backsplashes that are right for you, all within your price range. Most contractors will pass their designer discounts on to you, the homeowner. Having someone to consult during this process is vital, as there are many ins and outs of the kitchen renovation process that are unkown to beginners where you can actually save without realizing it.

For things such as lighting and flooring, a contractor will bring in their own team or trusted experts. For example, the hardwood flooring experts at Artisan Wood Floors LLC to come look at your budget and help you plan accordingly for a new NJ hardwood floor, or a team of trusted electricians will come to help you when installing new canister ceiling lights.


NJ Kitchen Interior Design and Budget Secrets:

Knowing when to splurge and when to save makes all the difference in a kitchen remodeling cost!


Where to save:

For your kitchen, choosing beautiful cabinets, accompanying hardware, countertops, and backsplashes, all within your price range are generally not too difficult. Many think the countertop will be the big expense, but this is not true.


Where to splurge:

Lighting: Take extra care because eyes are often drawn to the lighting above the kitchen island – you want those lights to make a statement. Having the right lighting will highlight all of your gorgeous countertop, tiling, and cabinet work without having to spend the big bucks on those things themselves.

Flooring: wood floors in the kitchen are a classic, but ceramic tiles are also a choice that give the room a feeling of design. Taking the time to choose a good ceramic tile that is slightly more expensive will add immense value to your home and will change the entire character of the room. Getting durable tiles and getting them laid professionally is where the money should be spent if opting for tile.

If you go with a wood floor, It’s not just about the species of wood floor you choose but how it is laid that can make all the difference in your NJ kitchen remodeling cost. Getting a team of experienced professionals is well worth the splurge for a warm, welcoming, and well-laid wood floor that will last you a lifetime. Also opting for wood floor refinishing if you already have wood floors can transform the entire space if done correctly. You can even change the color and shine of your floors if you choose!


NJ Bathroom Remodeling Cost

How often have you walked into a hotel bathroom or spa and thought, “if only I could afford this.”

Well, you can replicate that spa in your bathroom, and you can do it at a home remodeling cost that is less than you would expect. 

With your team, you should discuss your color preferences. Whether you prefer earth tones, neutral colors such as pale green or pale grey, or all white for the ultimate luxurious look. You will choose suitable bathroom cabinets and hardware that meets your style. You can choose from a soaking, stand-alone, or Jacuzzi tub and a wide range of luxurious shower options.

You will also explore  flooring and lighting options, including dimmer switches necessary for any in-home spa and attractive lighting above your vanity mirror. Speaking of mirrors, you can choose between a standard mirror or something that makes more of a statement. Most women, for example, insist on a hanging magnifying mirror.


NJ Bathroom Interior Design and Budget Secrets:

While a spa-like bathroom may FEEL expensive, it doesn’t have to be!

Where to save:

There are many budget-friendly ideas to keep your bathroom remodeling costs low while maintaining a sense of luxury – such as going with warming bars for your towels instead of full-heated floors. In a bathroom remodel, there are many high-end options such as temperature-controlled medicine cabinets, heated floors, and warming drawers for your towels. But most of these options are not necessary.

A soaking tub is the essence of a spa bathroom. Thankfully, most manufacturers have a wide variety of soaking tubs that come in a wide range of prices to ensure that you can keep your NJ bathroom remodeling cost low while maintaining a spa-like feel.

Finding luxurious mats and towels are an inexpensive way to add immense luxury to your bathroom without spending a fortune.

Where to splurge:

Yet again, lighting and flooring are some of the most important pieces of the puzzle when remodeling a bathroom. Well-done plumbing is also a big consideration when it comes to your bathroom remodel though.

Flooring: Many homeowners choose to save on tile that they lay in their shower, and then splurge on a water-resistant hardwood floor for the rest of the bathroom to give it a warm and rustic look. By opting for hardwood instead of tile, you don’t need to have heated floors in order for that luxurious warm feeling beneath your feet in a cold winter morning.

Lighting: Making sure the electric work is done correctly is important in a humid-room such as a bathroom. DIY lighting is doable – but for a bathroom – it is better to work with a professional instead. Drawing the eye towards the vantiy and having things done with a prfoessional interior design eye will make all the difference and is worth the money.

Plumbing: ensuring that plumbing is laid correctly and is well-done is of vital importance. Bringing in a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals if you intend to change the layout of your plumbing is where to splurge – having leaks or some sort of standing water can destroy your home quickly and catastrophically! 


NJ Home Remodeling Cost: Living Rooms, Family Rooms, and Other Living Spaces

Often it takes very little in the way of a renovation to update your family living space. It often comes down to choosing a classic neutral color palette that flows in terms of wall colors. Most time is spent choosing colors and reviewing paint samples. Crown molding is also an excellent option to add a little life to a living space. Flooring is an important consideration as well.

Do you want hardwood floors where you can add rugs, or would you prefer ceramic tile? Does your wood flooring flow from room to room? Do you have a fireplace that you would like to build a hearth around? Furniture, of course, is always a personal choice. But remember that an over-accessorized living space can appear messy and unkempt, while scaling back on accessories and maintaining a balance to the room creates a more sophisticated space while also cutting down on your living room remodel cost.


NJ Living Room Design and Budget Secrets:

The secrets to creating an upscale living space are simple and doable on any budget with a home renovation cost that you can easily achieve.

Where to save:

Take your time finding affordable and simple decor. If you have an entryway, You can make a statement with a simple table, a vase with flowers, a hanging mirror or a piece of art. Saving on decoration will keep your living space clutter free and organized. 

The furniture and decor pieces can be procured over a long period of time, there is no rush to buy large-scale expensive pieces to fill up the space, when you can take more time to find cheaper alternatives that have more character and more history. This will add to your space and make it more unique!

If you love high-end materials but can’t afford them, utilize them on a smaller scale. If you love marble, for example, buy a table with marble inlays. If you love sculptures, scour antique stores or consignment shops for unusual pieces. This will make your space look more expensive without paying the price.

Art is also a personal choice and can be acquired regardless of your budget. Unique pieces can make all the difference. You can also find great items online at websites like Etsy, where you can buy unique and creative pieces for your home.


Where to splurge:

Window treatments: If you want to consider window treatments for your remodeled living spaces, this is not a place to hold back. Most interior designers agree that draperies are worth splurging because they “scream” luxury.

Lighting: There are many living room options, including elegant built-ins or modern recessed lighting, dimmer switches, or ceiling fan lights. You can find fabulous, one-of-a-kind lighting options at antique shops and thrift stores, but built-in lighting in living spaces will elevate your living space a lot.

Flooring: Larger layout flooring is a huge cost consideration, but can make or break the perceived and felt quality of your home. Hardwood floors will add appeal, warmth, AND will add a lot of value to your home’s future sale price. They can connect otherwise disparate rooms together, they can flow from space to place, and when hardwood flooring installation is done well, these floors will last a lifetime


Your Choice:

One of the most argued-over upgrades is the big-screen television. From a design standpoint, a big-screen television can really bring down the room’s sophistication. You need to ask yourself if you want your television to be the focal point of your room. Many designers would opt to create a design where the television blends in rather than stands out. There are now picture-frame televisions made to look like art, but they are incredibly expensive – but other families opt for built-ins with cabinet doors or other tv-hiding options. Many families like the look of the large screen and choose to keep it front and center though, it is up to you!


NJ Bedroom Remodeling Cost

Just like designing your living room, your bedroom will not necessarily require a lot of work when it comes to remodeling or renovation. Often, a bedroom can use a fresh coat of paint and perhaps some crown molding. Faux painting can also make a bedroom stand out. But when it comes to taking a bedroom from drab to upscale, the details count, and those details are easy to accomplish on a budget keeping your bedroom remodeling cost as low as possible.


NJ Bedroom Design and Budget Secrets:

Keep your bedroom design clean, organized, and clutter-free to present an upscale feel. 

Where to save:

If you have a piece of furniture that no longer matches the current color scheme or décor, think about refinishing it instead of throwing it out and buying something new.

If you keep your dressers or other furniture, consider changing the hardware. If you currently have a headboard and footboard, you might want to get rid of the footboard and utilize a bench, ottoman, or attractive trunk, which can double as storage at the foot of the bed. Think about putting a tray on your nightstand to hold collectibles. You’ll find functional, beautiful trays that are available to match any decor and budget.

If you have refurbished hardwood floors, think about adding an interesting area rug. You can often find beautiful rugs on sale at upscale stores several times a year. 

Changing your comforter and pillows to match a new color scheme will also change everything and is a great way to keep your bedroom renovation cost low. You can also add a throw blanket to the end of your bed, adding a touch of class and comfort.

When it comes to bedroom lighting, it’s easy to add exciting lamps for a luxurious look, and it is no issue to find affordable lights with very interesting and unique lampshades. Unlike the kitchen or the bathroom, bedroom lighting can stay on the affordable side, as lamps and standing lights can transform the character of a room on a budget without the need to have overhead or built-in lighting at all.


Where to splurge:

Window treatments: Just like in the living room, custom draperies can be a splurge and add a huge feeling of luxury and warmth to the room. 

Flooring: If choosing a new carpet, getting one that is neutral yet comfortable and long-lasting is important. Don’t skimp on a lower-cost carpet, which will pill and shed and hold onto dirt for years. If you already have carpets, spending the extra money to get a professional shampooing can make a huge difference.

Closeting: When it comes to closets, if you are interested in updating, this is a splurge that can change the entire flow of your life and can add immense value to your home. Don’t skimp on updating your closets, find a professional whose work you like and take the time and the money to update your closets well. Having a well-organized and functional storage system in your home is life-changing, and overlooking the importance of this when updating your bedrooms can be detrimental.


How to Make NJ Home Renovations on a Budget

As you can see, keeping your home remodeling cost low is very easy while still achieving the luxurious look you have longed for. There are obvious places where you can save such as in decor, art, furniture and with aesthetic choices such as cabinetry, backsplashes, tile colors and more. There are places where you can opt for small luxuries such as including a heated hardwood floor in one bathroom, or a warmed towel-rack in another. Adding a boilling water tap is a small and relatively inexpensive luxury that can up the quality of your daily life in your kitchen as well.

The big spending in home renovation is usually with major changes to the guts of the house itself: Electric work, plumbing, windows, and flooring.

Having good built-in lighting can completely change the look and feel of your home in the important spaces such as your bathrooms and kitchens. Having the right lighting will draw the eye to the most beautiful parts of your home and can help your home feel bright and alive, or warm and inviting – it’s all up to you! 

Window treatments will aso wildly change the feel of your home, and they often go unseen but have a huge effect on the perceived energy in a room. 

Floors are perhaps the most important thing to consider when remodeling your NJ home. This will be your biggest cost aside from lighting, and it is well worth the expense. Take your time finding the right flooring for you and your home, whether it be tile, carpet, or hardwood floors. Hardwood floors in the living areas of your home with increase your home value, and will make your home feel welcoming and inviting. These will last for decades if you take care of your wood floors correctly. The professionals ar Artisan Wood Floors LLC work on creating floors that will be with you for the rest of your life. Call 215-515-7355 for High Quality NJ Wood Floor Installation, and trust that you are spending your money in the right place to ensure that your home will be enjoyed, beautiful, and appreciated for years to come. 



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