Best Wood Floor Mops: The Definitive Guide

Hardwood is a classic flooring material that adds a lot of style to a space. Between the colors of the finish and different grains, hardwood floors bring a certain richness to a room. When a hardwood floor is taken care of properly, these beautiful finishes can last for years. While some people may worry about cleaning a hardwood floor, cleaning hardwood isn’t difficult. It does require the right tools though.

In addition to a cleaning solution, the primary tool you’ll need to clean your hardwood floor is a mop. While most mops can do the job, picking the wrong one can have negative effects over time. Every mop is going to have different advantages based on how it’s used. That’s why it’s important to pick a mop that fits your needs. At Artisan WoodFloors LLC, we are known as Philadelphia’s hardwood flooring experts! We’ll give you a quick rundown on what to look for when buying a mop for your floors and some of our top picks.


What to Look for in a Mop

There are a couple of factors to consider before buying a mop to use on your hardwood floors. You want to make sure that the mop is easy to use, works with the right kinds of solutions, and fits in your budget. Another issue to factor in is the amount of space you’ll have to be cleaning.


Best Type of Mop

You may not realize that in addition to a number of cleaning tools, there are a variety of mop types as well. These mops are all designed to work best on certain maintenance needs. A few examples are steam mops, string mops, and dust mops. How do professionals clean wood floors? Well, it depends. Some varieties are mostly good for dusty floors, while others work well both wet and dry. While the old-school types that you dunk in a bucket may require you to wring them out by hand, there are also varieties with electric and mechanical mopping systems to fit any floor.



Maneuverability is one of those simple things that can really impact the mop’s ease of use. If it’s difficult to clean your floors because you have to move a ton of furniture around or get a sore wrist or back from doing it, then you’re less likely to clean your floors as often as you should to keep it in good condition. That’s why we recommend mops that have features to improve maneuverability. Opt for a swivel-head whenever possible.


Corded Vs. Cordless Mops

If you do opt for an electrical mopping system, another factor you’ll have to think about when choosing a mop is whether you want a corded or cordless variety. All electricity powered mops will require access to an outlet at some point, but cordless mops allow you to charge between uses giving you more freedom of movement. Cordless mops will offer the biggest advantage to those that are going to clean their floors frequently or have a large surface area to cover. In general, you can find hardwood flooring modes on electric floor cleaners and floor cleaning robots that have multiple uses so it may be a good investment if it fits your budget.


Our Top-Ranked Hardwood Floor Mop

As a general rule, we recommend cleaning tools that include micro-fiber heads. Micro-fiber is designed to be soft so it won’t scratch the surface of your floor and wear it down over time. A great starting mop is the MR. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop. While it’s simpler than many of the other mop systems out there, it’s also gentle dependable. It includes multiple double-sided microfiber mop pads that can be used wet or dry, a swiveling mop head, and dirt removal tools. Plus, it has an unbeatable price, so if you’re just starting to get used to cleaning your floors it’s a good tool to start with while you figure out your long-term needs.

Mr. Siga Microfiber Mop

When To Call A Professional 

Is a mop not cleaning as well as you had hoped? Sometimes, you clean and clean and your floors never seem to look as sparkling as they used to. You may need to bring in a professional to remove years of ground-in dirt and grime. We offer deep-cleaning and restoring services to the greater Philadelphia area, helping customers bring their floors back to a brand-new shine. Just call (215) 515-7355 and ask for Steve! The team at Artisan Wood Floors are passionate about wood floors and want to help anyone who needs a hand when it comes to our expertise.



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