Color trends in hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors have always been considered to be a beautiful addition to any home. But every home is different! There are as many choices of flooring as there are different homes, it may seem impossible to find the right hardwood floor to fit your home and your style. Getting a floor installed is a commitment that may seem daunting.

Trends in flooring have changed over the years but as we progress we are able to see so many different variations and schemes on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  We have the ability to see home setups and flooring color schemes that you can familiarize yourself with and make the most educated decision in choosing your hardwood floor.

While hardwood floors definitely bring your home a sense of tradition and class, the trends of 2019 are anything but boring, as more homeowners are installing hardwood as part of their interior design process, different kind of woods and eco-conscious options are also becoming much more ‘en vogue.’ 

Material Trends

Material trends change with the years, and in 2019, the trends have leaned towards more environmentally conscious options, as well as domestic floors. The most popular materials for 2019 are bamboo, reclaimed, cork, engineered, and American made flooring. Part of this is because of the unique coloring of the woods, which is more ‘trendy’ than the type of floor, also these types of floors are usually less expensive than traditional wood floors. It is also important to make note that some of these options are also significantly less harmful to tree population as compared to other hardwoods like mahogany or any number of exotic woods that have previously been popular.

Color Trends

The color trends of the past few years have been split mostly between extreme darks or extreme lights, with the exception of any grayscale, which proved to be especially versatile. Most of these trends are continuing into 2019, with the lights becoming even more whitewashed and sandy. But as people are using their flooring to set the tone of their home, you will also see warmer, more middle of the road flooring.

To keep up with the color trends this year, a solid option is in dark woods. Dark wood floors are still very popular and provide a great tone to a room, popular color choices are Espresso, Jaco Bean, or dark walnut.

The drawback to dark wood floors is that it will make the room look and feel smaller. Also, it tends to show any scratch or imperfection it may take over the years.

On the other side of the spectrum, blonde wood floors are equally as popular and trendy this year. For the past few years, dark woods have dominated these lighter flooring options, making them seem out of date, but that is no longer the case. Light woods and whitewashed floors are beginning to take over the trends and making rooms versatile. With blonde wood, your decorating possibilities are endless. You can go for a chic, contemporary feel or a rustic, homey vibe all without changing your floors.

Especially when paired with wide planked floors, a blonde wood will have the opposite effect as a dark woods, making the room feel bigger and more open. Popular colors of blonde woods you’ll see are bamboo, maple, white oak, and ash.

So, the trends of 2019 seem to be mostly the same as the last two years, but we are in a transition phase, as people are looking for a more modern and open, blonde woods are positioned to take over dark floors in the coming years, as well as wide planked floors and whitewashed.  No matter what you choose Artisan Wood Floors can help you any option you may want, and help you find the right choice for your home!


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