5 Reasons Why Hardwood Floors Can Make Your Home More Child-Friendly

Choosing what kind of flooring to have in your home can be a big commitment. Not only because of the potential cost but also because if the quality of the workmanship is good, you should be living with that floor for years to come. That means that you have to make sure the flooring you pick is the right fit for your needs.

There are a number of factors that are going to influence your flooring material choice. Some of the straightforward ones are often what people think of first. These factors include choices like how much budget you want to devote to it. Another important factor that impacts what the optimal choice of flooring will be is what kind of activities will be done in the room. For example, rooms that are going to be exposed to a lot of moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens, may not be the best option for most hardwood flooring types.

However, one factor that people too often neglect to consider is how their family will interact with the floor. If you have children or pets, your flooring could be exposed to a lot more wear and usage. You also have to consider what kind of effect the flooring has on children that may play, crawl, or otherwise be sitting on the floor often.

At Artisanal Wood Floors, we’re committed to helping you pick the perfect flooring choice for you. Of course, we love hardwood. We’ll rundown the five reasons hardwood flooring can be the best flooring material to make a home more child-friendly.

Hardwood Floors Are More Durable

No matter how rambunctious they are, children and pets can be dangerous for a floor. The flooring in areas of the home that are going to experience more traffic, like the family room, kitchen, or entryway, will face a lot of wear, especially when you have children adding extra wear to it.

Flooring options like laminate can mean fewer scratches and dents, but it won’t last as long as high-quality wood will. Plus, if that wood option is coated with a few layers of polyurethane it can be just as scratch resistant.

Hardwood Floors Are Easier to Clean

If you’re a parent, then you know that sometimes spills are impossible to prevent. That means you want a floor that is going to be as easy as possible to clean up. While children and spilling are going to impact all areas of the house, the floor is what you and your family will spend the most time touching. Hardwood floors are easy to clean because usually all it takes to clean them is a simple wipe or sweep, unlike an optin like carpeting that has to be thoroughly washed.
Cleaner and Healthier

Unlike some other flooring options, wood floors don’t trap pollen, dust mites, dirt, and other particles that could harm your child’s health. Compared to options like carpet, having hardwood floors will reduce the number of irritants inside your home, making it cleaner and less likely to inflame allergies.

Scratches and Stains are Easily Refinished

Unfortunately, if you pick a solid flooring option it’s very likely that it will get scratched. Thankfully, for superficial scratches hardwood flooring is very easy to refinish. Applying a new coat of finish can be accomplished in only a few hours. If a hardwood floor does sustain more substantial damage, the benefit is that hardwood flooring can be replaced in small sections rather than in its entirety the way some other flooring options have to be.

Hardwood Floors Are More Forgiving

It might seem counter-intuitive, but hardwood flooring can be more forgiving for children that are prone to running around and suffering falls. This is because wood, as an organic material, naturally has some spring and bounce to it, meaning that it can absorb a fall better than stone or laminate over concrete would.

While every kind of flooring has its benefits, hardwood flooring has a number of positive qualities that make it ideal for a family with children or planning on having children in the future.


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