Top 10 Wood Flooring Trends and Styles for 2021

Choosing what kind of flooring you want to be installed can seem like a big commitment. With quality craftsmanship, those floors could be around for decades. Flooring also plays a major role in how people view a given space, meaning wood floors can be an influence on prospective buyers as well. That’s why it’s important to understand the latest trends in hardwood flooring and match those trends with your goals. 

If you want a comfortable space that you’re going to be in for a while, but want to sell at some point, then a subdued neutral tone may be best at it can appeal now and is sure to be inoffensive in the future as styles evolve. On the other hand, if you expect to be putting the property on the market in the near future and are looking to appeal to certain kinds of buyers, then maybe a more sleek and modern style might suit your needs better.

The great news is that unlike certain flooring materials, hardwood floors almost never go out of style, and if you tire of the color over time, there are techniques like sanding, refinishing, or even painting that can give the floors a new look, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with a style.

As Philadelphia’s hardwood flooring experts, we’ll walk you through some of the tops trends to help you decide what kind of style is best for you.

European White Oak Floors via

1) European White Oak

European white oak has been a standard for years now. It’s clean and bright, adding a lot of light and warmth to a space. Recent flooring trends have started leaning towards a natural look, and this lovely wood fits neatly into that box, owing to its organic-looking yet stylish appeal.

2) Natural Looks

 As we just mentioned, there has been a recent shift away from cool gray finishes towards tones that are closer to the wood’s natural color. This means wood and stain/laminate combinations that suit each other without overpowering the natural color. There is also very little distressing done, the goal is to highlight the natural look of the wood, without being too rustic.

Photo via Shaw Industries at

3) Dark Charcoal

In the opposite direction of the natural-looking floors, is the dark charcoal floor trend. This stain looks sleek and stylish while being grounded enough not to look gaudy or overly designed. It can add a lot of richness to a room while being unobtrusive. A dark stain works best when paired with dark wood.

4) Bright Painted Hardwood

If you’re looking for something a little more vibrant an option that’s growing in popularity is painted hardwood. This style is great for someone that doesn’t want to commit to any particular color and works well in spaces where the floor takes lots of wear and tear, like the kitchen.

5) Dark Painted Hardwood

This style is like a blend of the charcoal floor and bright painted floor, adding some color that’s more easily modified.

6) Unstained White Oak

Following in the natural trend, unstained white oak provides an organic look that is great for building a foundation of any style or palette. It obviously suits a pared-down rustic look, but can also be a great base to ground any number of color choices in the rest of the room.

7) Brown Stained Oak

While white oak has been a standard for years brown stained oak has been making inroads in that space. As opposed to the more modern-looking white oak, the brown stain adds a traditional, vintage feeling to the wood.

Photo of Wide plank Wood Flooring via Gaylord Hardwood Flooring

8) Wide-planked

Wide-planked floors are another way people can be a little adventurous without choosing a color that may turn some people off. For this reason, it works especially well with soft-hued and more subdued colors.

9) Blond Hardwood

Blond hardwood is another kind of twist on the popular white oak look. It captures a lot of that versatility while also having a slightly warmer, more natural look.

Herringbone Patterned oakwood floors

10) Patterned Natural Oak

For the more adventurous, a patterned hardwood can work in the right space. As opposed to uniform plank sizes, space can add style by installing planks of alternating styles, or even planks of different shapes in the right space and a skilled craftsman.

 These are just some of the early flooring trends of 2021, but there is a wide range of styles and stains that will appeal to buyers while suiting your needs. As we’ve said before, hardwood floors never go out of style, so regardless of what trend you’re interested in, the experts at Artisan Wood Floors are here to help. If you are looking to refinish your floors for a new feel, or restore antique floors to their former glory, Contact us for a quote today at (215) 515-7355 and ask for Steve!


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