Top 7 Hardwood Floor Stains in 2022

If you are about to embark on a hardwood flooring installation project or have existing wood floors that need refreshing, you’ll have to consider what finish and hardwood floor stain color will best suit your style and needs.

In this article, we outline seven key hardwood floor stain color styles, but first, it is essential to note that the results achieved by these stain options will ultimately depend on a few different factors. The finish of your hardwood floors will be affected by how the floor was sanded, the stain you choose, the wood species of your floor, and the humidity level. So you’re going to want to do a whole lot of testing in advance of tackling the project.  

Also, like everything else related to hardwood flooring, you should only attempt hardwood floor staining projects on your own if you have complete confidence in your abilities. Often, DIY floor staining projects can result in less than desirable results. That’s why it makes sense to consider hiring a wood floor professional to stain your hardwood floors.

1. Red and Honey Color Stains

Hardwood floors with a honey tone create rooms with a warm, welcoming feel. These rooms will pair effortlessly with classical and contemporary furnishings, though it is usually best suited to the current trending modern farmhouse chic look. Using a hardwood floor stain color with a honey, red, or orange tone is one of the best ways to add subtle depth and enhance the grain of your hardwood floor. Wood furniture painted white and white walls can complement this look as the honey-toned floor color will keep the whites from looking cold and clinical.

2. Coffee and Mid-Brown Color Stains

When you opt for a roasted coffee or a mid-brown hardwood floor color stain, you opt for a touch of class. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for a chic, refined, grown-up look. This tone is incredibly versatile, allowing you to match it with all different looks and styles. It also can serve as a remarkably neutral background color, making it an excellent option for serial redecorators. This tone will undoubtedly pair well with grays and blues, offering a more relaxed feel for your space. Red oak floors stained in walnut brown are incredibly chic when coupled with blue-gray accents.

3. Dark Brown (Almost Black) Color Stains

Some of the most impressive hardwood looks come from the use of deep stain colors that are millions of miles from the wood’s actual color. For example, a naturally light beech or white oak hardwood floor stained with a dark brown or almost black stain will offer a complete transformation that will fit into two broad styles – ultra-traditional and ultra-modern. You can create the ultra-modern feel when you combine this look with minimalist or contemporary furnishings, or you can go with the ultra-traditional look by filling the space with historic furniture and décor. Regardless of which direction you go, you will be making a bold and beautiful statement when you go dark.

Dark stained oak floors

4. Gray Color Stains

Gray is all the rage in flooring right now, so it should be considered, especially if you install new floors or are refinishing and desire a more updated look. The use of gray hardwood flooring stains give you an advantage of utilizing a neutral color that is more interesting than the medium browns. The current trend is to couple the gray with contemporary, modern décors. Gray might be a tricky color, though, because it comes in so many varieties. You can opt for a warm taupe gray to give the space a natural feel, while a cooler bluish gray will offer a fresh vibe.

5. Patterned Floors that Using Wood Stains

You can create some fantastic hardwood floor patterns by combining expert skills and knowledge in the stain application process. However, it is essential to remember that you must hire an expert flooring professional to create floor patterns using hardwood floor stains. When you have a professional wood flooring expert on your side, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing what type of pattern you want to create. Patterned floors are typically found in homes with traditional décor styles, but they also work just as well with modern interiors.

Herringbone Patterned oakwood floors

6. Whitewashing and Colorwashing

Another exciting option for hardwood floors is color washing or whitewashing. This process involves using diluted paints or dyes to color hardwood floors. A whitewash is the preferred choice for enhancing airy and light home designs or in homes with Scandinavian or coastal vibes. Color-washed floors in bright hues are often an excellent look for the homeowner that wants to break free from the traditional design tropes to achieve a unique, personalized look.

7. Keeping it All Natural

For many homeowners, their preferred choice is the natural look. It allows the wood’s inherent characteristics to shine, literally, by using clear polyurethane sealants or varnishes with a wax finish or oil finish. Many clients will opt for this finish when sanding and refinishing wood floors.

Hardwood Floor Staining Options in 2022

Using hardwood stain colors to stain your wood floors is as popular as ever. It is an especially good option for anyone interested in enhancing the grain of the hardwood floor, refreshing existing hardwood floors, or giving the home a brand new look altogether.

There are many different colors to choose from when it comes to hardwood floor stains, so it will take some serious consideration on your part. You’ll want to give serious thought to your home’s overall look and feel. Dark hardwood stains, for example, will add a sense of sophistication and drama, while lighter colors will conjure up an airier feel.  

If you are interested in the various available hardwood floor stain options that are currently trending, if you have questions about installing new hardwood floors in PA, or if you want to breathe new life into your existing hardwood flooring, you should contact the hardwood flooring experts at Artisan Wood Floors LLC at 215-515-7355.

We have decades of experience installing wood plan flooring throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area – remember to ask for Steve!



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